Clark’s Bakery

Updating an established brand can be an interesting challenge. The secret lies in getting to know the brand values and customer experience before suggesting any changes. Clark’s Bakery in Dundee was established over 60 years ago and is the area’s largest and best-known bakery. The identity had been used for decades, but had got a bit old fashioned and uninspiring.


We created a modern, unique logomark to bring Clark’s into the 21st century. The bread icon represents the essence of the company, hinting to the three generations who have run this family business. This was applied to van livery, shop signage, interiors, and the brand’s promotional materials.


We were soon asked to develop a complimentary identity for a new section of the bakery that sell stonebaked pizzas. The family opted for the name Clarkie’s, and asked us to make this sub-brand more playful and less formal than its parent. The brand identity we settled on communicates this perfectly.

White circular Clark's Bakery logo on a black background
White Clark's Bakery logo on a black background
Three different circular logo marks for Clark's Bakery showing a signature, loaf of bread and established date
Baker kneading bread dough wearing a black apron with the Clark's Bakery logo on the front
Man with beard wearing baker's whites with the Clark's Bakery logo
Clark's Bakery logo shown on the side of a white van
White Clarkie's Pizza Co logo on a red background
White and rep cap mockup with Clarkie's Pizza Co logo on the front