De Novo Nutrition

Supplement brand De Novo asked us to help bring a consistent style to their brand, first on their social channels and then on their new range of packaging. But this was just the start.


The brand decided they wanted to dig deeper and rebrand fully. Before any visuals were put together, we worked closely with them on their brand platform. This meant looking at their brand promise, mission statement, and brand values to build a solid brand identity.


‘Be Relentless’ became what the brand stood for. A bold logo and shorter DN mark was developed to show stability and structure, the slight forward angle suggesting a momentum. This was expanded into the visual language with lines and gradients suggesting a progressive brand.

A key part of this new brand identity was bringing more to De Novo’s social channels. We developed sales posts, athlete announcements, and engagement posts, and worked with the team to bring the ‘Be Relentless’ mission statement to life through social campaigns and videos.

The largest part of the De Novo project was packaging redesign for their entire range of supplements. We knew this had to be more than a label on tubs. Our packaging redesign tells a story and suggests a customer experience with a wave pattern and gradient colour leading the customer’s eye around the product. We used matte varnish and metallic surfaces to further enhance the customer experience through texture.

De Novo asked us to help relabel one product and target it at the Esports/Gaming market. We changed the look and feel of the label to reflect what a gaming audience would want to see, adjusted the copy on the labels to speak to this market, and renamed the flavours.


Sample packs were designed for the entire De Novo range and these have been used at expos, conventions, and powerlifting meets in the USA and UK.

A variety of De Novo supplement sachet packets randomly scattered

All product photography by Gordon Greenhorn of Greenhorn Creative