Fit Delis Try January Campaign

Vegan supplement company FIT DELIS approached FIT to create the graphics for their January 2020 social campaign. It turned out to be a match made in heaven (and not just because of our names!) FIT DELIS had already nailed the concept, but needed an expert team to create all the assets and copy, and roll the campaign out to their audience.


We created a micro-site, a downloadable calendar, and social content for FIT DELIS’s Instagram. We came up with the idea of offering a different TRY ideas every day in January. Some were small, some were more ambitious, but all of them encouraged more engagement with the brand’s Instagram followers.


The campaign was hugely successful: FIT DELIS had people engaging in the different TRIES each day, even suggesting their own TRIES, just showing the potential of a creative and thoughtful campaign.

Try January campaign logo in yellow, on top of an image showing a women running upstairs
Four pages from the PDF guide for Fit Delis' Try January campaign
Mobile phone mockups showing Instagram stories for Fit Delis' Try January campaign
Various social media posts for Fit Delis' Try January campaign
Laptop mockup of Fit Delis website for Try January campaign