Omnya Travel

Omnya Travel is a travel agency with a difference. Providing exclusive concierge services and taking the hassle out of their clients luxury travel plans is at the forefront of the brand. Unfortunately their brand identity no longer worked for the growth they were experiencing.


Our job was to review and fresh the brand, and provide Omnya Travel with a new identity and website.


Omnya means different things in different languages. We focused on the latin meaning ‘ALL’ and the Arabic meaning ‘WISH’. Using symbols we felt represented both these, we created the star icon. Wishes and stars come hand in hand, such as the phrase ‘Wish Upon A Star’. Stars are also seen as magical things—such as the end of a wand emitting stars when performing a spell. Omnya Travel is the place that grants these wishes to their members.


The website for Omnya Travel was where the services they offered would really come to life. Previously Omnya Travel would use WhatsApp as a direct means for keeping in touch with their clients, and for booking hotels and restaurants. The website would now do all this for them. Users can choose from a selection of membership options, request hotel bookings from hundreds of hotels, and pay for exclusive restaurant tables worldwide through the new website.


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