Personal Trainer Collective

Shredded by Science had been a well-known name in the fitness industry for years, but the branding was tired. The new look needed to be more professional and reflect their business values. As the Personal Trainer Collective, they would become an official UK accredited course provider, so we got to work designing a modern, serious, but approachable brand.


We designed a new logo to form the basis of a dynamic identity with a number of states. The logo communicates the idea that data and science is constantly changing. We also developed a new illustration and iconography and refreshing colour palette.


Over the period of a month, we helped the team officially transition over to the new brand, ensuring their audience understood the changes. This included managing their Instagram content by creating weekly educational posts in the new brand style.

As a training provider, the PTC give students documents and videos as part of the course syllabus. We created a PTC house style for existing PDFs and Powerpoint presentations, and guidelines for all future presentation decks. We then built the entire course syllabus in this new style, including new illustrations, icons and tables. (Around 3000 pages were designed and re-skinned in the new style.)


The new website was a key part of the brand launch. We designed and built a fully responsive website to sell new courses to future students. We were able to do this with a quick turnaround time of around three weeks from wireframing to final launch..