Strength House

Tara and Greg atĀ Strength House tasked us with expanding the brand into the world of social media. The Strength House brand already partly existed through a logo suite, typography guidance, colour palette, and a website. They knew they needed a strong social media presence to compete with other gyms and fitness brands in London.


We worked with them over a few months putting together a style that would have their brand expand beyond what they already had. This included a visual style for grid posts and Instagram stories, an illustration style for educational posts, and full guidance on how to apply this themselves.


The illustration style had to be somewhat anatomically correct for them to showcase certain lift positions, stretches and correct form.


Alongside the designs and guidance, we created a Photoshop template for the team at their end to create posts in the future.


We say to every client – we want you to feel inspired to create your own content. Not every client has the budget to get an agency involved to design every single post for them. And that’s when a template like this is an ideal choice. We also went on a tutorial zoom call and took them through the template, so they knew how everything worked.


The result was a very professional looking visual expansion of the branding. Strength House had full guidance of how to go on and create their own content, with us only being involved when they needed something beyond the capabilities of the template.

Image of Strength House interior and a colour palette inspired by it
Illustration showing deadlift and bench press examples
Illustrations showing various stretching exercises
Examples of half-tone imagery styles
Examples of Instagram story posts containing text and fitness imagery
Social media post examples showing brand illustration style and text layouts
Red and white social media post with running female as the image