Strong Collective

Strong Collective are a diverse group of fitness and nutrition experts on a mission to keep humans at the heart of everything they do. They approached us to create a stand-out brand identity that would unite them as a Collective.


We developed an iconic brand identity that revolved around the idea of Strong Collective being the creator of a social community. The aim was to position the brand as something that everyone wants to be part of. The result is visually bold, energetic and full of expression.


At the heart of the brand are the coaches and the community they have built. The logo emphasises the importance of ‘the collective’ – the full team of coaches and the community. A strong mark that’s paired well with a geometric typeface completes the logo. The brand identity is expressed through playful doodles, a colourful palette and fresh photography.


Upon completion of the brand identity, we designed and built their new website that would help tell the Strong Collective story, allow future clients to book one-to-one calls with each coach and host a shop, blog and downloadable resources.


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